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About LOGA Candle Co.

Candle Holder

LOGA Candle Co. was born when two of my passions in life came together: languages and candles!

From the Greek λóγος (lógos – meaning, reasoning, description), LOGA Candle Co. has developed a unique concept where each candle is inspired by a concept which exists in a particular language but which does not exist as such or can be translated easily into English.  

The scent notes on these candles are all carefully selected by me and paired with that specific concept to help illustrate the meaning of it (or rather, my take on this concept).

Within the label of each candle, you will also find a transcription of the name so you can impress friends and family with your newly acquired foreign language knowledge ;)


On top of the meaningful element of the candles, environment and sustainability is also at heart of what we do which is why we have selected a natural soy wax harvested from sustainable sources and why we have developed all our candles and packaging to be entirely plastic free.


We have also selected our suppliers carefully and ensured none of the materials are tested in animals.

Thank you in advance for joining me on this journey and we hope you enjoy our candles as much as we do!


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