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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What wax and wicks do you use?
    We use natural soy wax sourced from sustainable sources. All our wicks are made from unbleached cotton interwoven with a linen, paper or natural fibres thread core.
  • Are your candles crueltry free?
    Absolutely; all our candles are made with high-quality ingredients sourced within the UK, all of which are cruelty free.
  • Can I re-purpose the glass tumbler?
    Environment and sustainability is at the heart of what we do so we would very much encourage you to re-use our vessels once your candle has come to the end of their life. You can clean the vessels and re-use as drinking tumblers, storage jars, you name it!
  • Can I re-purpose the lids?
    Why not? You can carefully remove the handle taking off the staples and re-use the wooden lid as a coaster. Please do NOT use our lids as a base for your candle when burning as candles should be placed on a level heat-resistance surface.
  • My flame is flickering, is that normal?"
    Our candles have been tested extensively to ensure they burn safely; some flickering can be expected specially towards the end burns when the wick has less oxygen within the candle container. Sometimes, factors such as room temperature and candle location can also affect the way they burn. As long as the flame height remains reasonable, there should not be any concerns. If a flame starts getting too tall and does not settle, this could indicate the wick has become too long: using a heat-resistant clip, dip the wick into the wax quickly to extinguish, trim the wick ensuring any wick debris do not fall into the melt pool and re-light your candle.
  • There is a thin wall of wax around the candle, what can I do?"
    Don't worry! Soy wax burns slower than paraffin so it is completely normal to have a little bit of wax leftover to the sides of the candle container specially after the first burns. This also ensures the glass remains at a safe temperature. Any leftover wax left while burning the candle according to the candle care guidelines should melt in consecutive burns.
  • My candle looks a bit different than usual, what should I do?"
    Our candles are made with 100% soy wax without artificial additives; this means that on occasion (such as when they have been exposed to a change of temperature during transit), you might come across some characteristics of pure soy such as wet spots (pulling away from glass), frosting or uneven tops/resets. These do not affect performance in any way and in fact, is a way for you to be sure that we are not using any hidden additives or blended waxes behind the scenes. More information can be found on the "Overview" section within the Returns policy page.
  • What do your strength ratings mean?
    The indication of strength under each scent description is for informational purposes only to help you establish what candles might be perceived to be stronger than others but strength perception is subjective and strength preference levels will also be different for each individual. Our single-wick 30cl candles will scent a medium-sized room (depending on the scent) so if you are trying to scent a bigger space (or open plan), you might want to complement a 30cl candle with an additional home fragrance item such a wax melt or diffuser for example (or opt for a 50cl triple wick candle which should be able to scent a bigger space). More information can be found on the "Overview" section within the Returns policy page.
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